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Why You Should Use a Password Manager and How to Get Started?

Why You Should Use A Password Manager And How To Get Started?

What Is A Password Manager?

What is a Password Manager you ask? Well a Password Manager is a piece of software that stores all your passwords. Usually the program will require you to create a master password that will give you access to your entire password database.

Why Should You Use A Password Manager?

Statistics have shown that most people use the same password or a variant of that password for all of their online accounts. This may be good for remembering your password but not good if one of your accounts are hacked. Just think about it, what would happen if someone obtained the password for your email address? Chances are that the same password you use for your Facebook, Ebay and Amazon and other accounts.

This is why Password manager are very useful. They saves you from having to remember multiple passwords or multiple sites. And use one master profile to access all your different passwords. That way you can have unique passwords for all of your favorite websites.

What Types Of Password Managers Should You Use?

Most password managers have a zero-knowledge model. This is where they only store an encrypted copy of your passwords on their servers in a virtual “vault”. This vault is encrypted and is only decrypted when you access your account. This decryption process is done locally with your online browser. This is to ensure your passwords are never shared with the service provider or sent over the internet. This ensure that the only password you have to remember is the one to open your password manager.

Password Managers

LastPass – Free and Paid Account. Is a Free password manager that works on desktop and mobile. LastPass has built in password generator that creates strong passwords for all your accounts. With it’s two-factor authentication LastPass is extremely secure.

KeePass – If you’re not a fan of online cloud-based syncing then try KeePass. This Desktop application has web browsers extension along with mobile applications. Downside is that you’re responsible for syncing your own passwords, between your devices manually.

1Password – 1Password has a very sharp looking interface, which make a lot of sense as it started out as a Mac-only product. 1Password has a autocomplete form built in to your web browser that allows auto logins. Some other features are it’s syncing abilities with allows you to use iCloud and Dropbox.

RoboForm – RoboForm is a simple to use but elegant system. With Mobile Support on Android & IOS Roboform provides it’s users with an encrypted vault for not just passwords but other sensitive information. All passwords and information are automatically entered by a autocomplete forums.

Dashlane – Dashlane is a newer password manager, that offers a great variety of options. The ability to share passwords with emergency contact just in case you cannot access your account. Along with the ability to change your passwords for multitude of websites within a few seconds to always keep your passwords fresh.

Whichever password manager you decide to choose you should consider the positives and negatives. Each provider utilizes a different features. The important thing to remember is to keep your passwords safe and change them often. So that if you were to be compromised on one password you wouldn’t be at risk of all your other online accounts.

Have something to say? Do you have experience with any of these password managers? Leave a comment bellow and let us know!

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