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How It Works

How Hughesnet® Works

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Enjoy More Of What You Love To Do Online! 1-833-693-4201

Enjoy More Of What You Love To Do Online! 1-833-693-4201Order Online

How Does Satellite Internet Work?

Step 1:

When you visit a webpage a request is sent from your computer and is bounced to a satellite that’s approximately 22,000 miles out in space. The satellite is synchronized with Earth’s 24-hour rotation, meaning it appears in the same position for requests to beam off of it. With such advanced technology, the long distance makes very little difference and allows people to receive internet connections even in rural areas.

Step 2:

After your computer contacts the satellite, the satellite then passes your request onto the Hughes Network Operations Center (NOC). The NOC then connects with the webpage directly.

Step 3:

The website then beams the information back down the same path to the NOC, to the satellite, and then to your computer where it passes through the dish and modem. At this point the process is complete and your requested webpage will display. Though the beams are traveling a great distance, the entire process takes only a fraction of a second, resulting in a rewarding user and web experience.

High-Speed Internet

Get fast satellite internet service — available to anyone, anywhere. Give us a call to speak with one of our internet specialists today!

Get More Data

Videos, music, pictures—with Hughesnet Internet you get a huge amount of priority data, so you’re free to explore more of what the internet has to offer. Plus, there is unlimited data!

Affordable Plans

Hughesnet offers a variety of affordable internet plans that are built to suit any budget, and are available where you live today, even in areas with slow or no high-speed options!

No Phone Line Required

Hughesnet uses satellite technology, freeing up the phone line for more important things, like making phone calls! Plus there’s no need to dial in – Hughesnets always on.

Fast Speeds + Unlimited Data + Built-In Wi-Fi! Call Now! 1-833-693-4201

Fast Speeds + Unlimited Data + Built-In Wi-Fi! Call Now! 1-833-693-4201Order Online

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