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3 Steps To Basic Online Safety

3 Steps To Basic Online Safety

Happy National Cyber Security Month! Let’s kick it off right with online safety! Staying safe online starts with 3 basic steps; stop, think and connect. These three steps might sound familiar to you, as they come from a national public awareness campaign to empower users to be safe and secure while online. Nevertheless, these steps are important to review for yourself, friends and family because cyber security starts with you.

1. Stop: Make Sure Your Device Is Secure

Data breaches and cyber-attacks happen on an almost daily basis. What are you doing to keep your internet enabled devices protected? Some of the things you can do are use complex passwords, change passwords often, don’t share too much personal information and keep your devices up to date.

2. Think: About Your Actions & Behaviors Online

Think before you click. Is the link you’re clicking a trusted source? If not, it’s not safe to view and do not click it.

If you’re unsure about a link, email, attachment or other request – it’s okay to ask the company, friend or family member it came from if it’s real. Just be sure you contact the person directly like you normally would. For example, all your credit card company from the customer service number listed on the back of your card. In the time being, do not open, trust any links or contact information provided until verified that the request is real and safe.

Also think about how you behave online. Before sharing anything, think – would you want a stranger to see it? Assume that once something is posted online, it can’t be forever deleted from the entire internet. You wouldn’t want your grandmother to see an embarrassing photo of you or a stranger to know where you live, right?

3. Connect: Enjoy The Internet!

Here’s the fun part – enjoy the internet and surf wisely! Make sure your home network is secured and only connect to secure networks when you’re away from home. While surfing, if something doesn’t seem right, trust yourself and don’t proceed. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

There you have it, the 3 steps to basic online safety. How well are you following these steps? Is there something you need to remedy right away? Share with us in the comments.

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