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How Does HughesNet Voice Work

How Does Hughesnet Voice Work?

Learn how Hughesnet Voice works, all of its free premium features and how Hughesnet Voice can be right for you.

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How Does Hughesnet Voice Work?

When it comes to our phone plans, Hughesnet Voice works similarly to Hughesnet Internet services – through satellite. One of the main differences, however, is that the voice services utilize a technology called Voice-over-IP, more commonly referred to as VoIP. This technology then works by communicating via satellite connection, the same satellite in fact that your Hughesnet Internet relies on.

What Is the Installation Process for Hughesnet Voice?

Just like with Hughesnet satellite internet, the process for installing your equipment is easy and completely handled by one of our skilled technicians. Simply put, a certified installation professional from Hughesnet installs an ATA, or analog phone adapter, which sends phone calls through the modem and satellite dish at your home.

After the installation has been completed, you will be able to browse the internet at high speeds while simultaneously using your home phone to make crystal clear calls to friends and family. It couldn’t be easier!

Free Premium Features with All Hughesnet Voice Plans

Experience premium home phone features for absolutely free when you order your Hughesnet home phone plan:

  • Unlimited calling nationwide and in Canada
  • Voicemail that includes remote access, email, and text alerts
  • Call forwarding capabilities with multiple phones
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID

Bundle Satellite Internet with Home Phone Services

If you’re still using dial-up internet that interferes with your necessary phone calls, it’s time for you to make the switch! With Hughesnet, our satellite technology ensures that you will be able to do the things you love online while using your home phone to pay bills or catch up with friends and loved ones. And, when you order Hughesnet Voice with Hughesnet satellite internet, you can save a bundle on your monthly bills.

Fast Speeds + Unlimited Data + Built-In Wi-Fi! Call Now! 1-833-693-4201

Fast Speeds + Unlimited Data + Built-In Wi-Fi! Call Now! 1-833-693-4201Order Online

High-Speed Internet

Get fast satellite internet service — available to anyone, anywhere. Surf the web faster; download files quicker, and access media like never before!

Get More Data

Videos, music, pictures—with Hughesnet you get a huge amount of data, so you’re free to explore more of what the internet has to offer. Plus, there are no hard data limits!

Affordable Plans

Hughesnet offers a variety of affordable internet plans that are built to suit any budget, and are available where you live today, even in areas with slow or no high-speed options!

No Phone Line Required

Hughesnet uses satellite technology, freeing up the phone line for more important things, like making phone calls! Plus there’s no need to dial in – Hughesnet is always on.

Enjoy More Of What You Love To Do Online! 1-833-693-4201

Enjoy More Of What You Love To Do Online! 1-833-693-4201Order Online

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